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Regional city restaurant name, address, reservation phone
Beijing City, Fangzhuang Fengtai District Pufang Road No. 1-11 (Guiyou building opposite) 010-67674500
Daxing Xinghua Street shop No. 27 Bailian Qingcheng Qingcheng Park Shopping Center 3 layer 010-69222588
Asian Sports Village branch Chaoyang District Xiaoying Road No. 12 Asian Games Garden next to the 010-84613779 bank
Wai Wai Avenue Chaoyang District No. 19 shop Huapu International Building 1 010-65802259
Wangjing branch Chaoyang District Wangjing Xiyuan four district 420 Building 2 layer 010-84725531
Four level crossing shop, four Haidian District Road 2, No. 2 B building, Beijing fruit commercial building, 010-62127311
Xizhimen branch Xicheng District Xizhimen South Street No. 2 a Ming building D block 1 layer 010-66002566
Zhongguancun store, 11 South Avenue, Zhongguancun, China Everbright Building, 2 floor, 010-68486899, Haidian District
Majiabao shop, 15 West Fengtai District Road, Majiabao, times sailing building, 3 floor, 010-67588619
Shunyi store, Shunyi District New South Street, new world department store, layer 13051150968, 6
Tianjin city Baitilu shop Nankai District Baidi Road No. 168 (Carrefour upstairs) Note: ordering non self 022-60266766
Friendship, Xintiandi, peace zone, Binjiang Road, No. 208, friendship new world, B District, 2 floor, 022-27220177
Golden Dragon Plaza Shop, 60 friendship north road, No. 2, Golden River Plaza, 022-23253300, Hexi District
The Third Avenue Development Zone Development Zone Hongtai No. 32 hundred thousand Department of the 2 layer (Korean barbecue) 022-66295550
Dagu South Road shop, Hexi District Dagu South Road, Limin intersection, No. 4, 669, 022-28257707
The Third Avenue Development Zone Development Zone No. 32 Tai Department of the 2 layer (hundred thousand BBQ) 022-66295550
Heilongjiang province Harbin City Longwei branch (closed shop repair) Nangang District No. 18 Longwei Yiman Street Building 1, 2 layers of 0451-87526688
Aijian shop Harbin Daoli District Road No. 60 Sanjiang Zihyuan delicacy City Huili Plaza A building 4 floor 0451-84238489
Nangang Guozhan xidazhi Street No. 40 - Zhengda shopping plaza 4 0451-82669998
Jiamao Shopping Center No. 38 in Daoli District of Edmonton Road, Edmonton Road 4 0451-51689056
Songlei store Heping Road Xiangfang District No. 1 song Lei commercial building 6 layer 0451-55605099
Daqing Daqing shop Dongfeng Dongfeng Village, Yi Teng Shang is 4 layers 0459-6360918
0452-2578222, No. 216, Kui Kui Road, Jianhua District, Qigihar, Qigihar (Jianhua district government)
Mudanjiang, Mudanjiang, Dongan District, East Road, Baofeng building, 3 floor, 0453-6950303
Hongqi Street shop in Chaoyang District city of Jilin province Changchun Hongqi Street No. 1768 Changchun Business King 0431-85028111
Da Jing Road store, Nanguan District, 2 Da Jing Road (opposite Cape of Good Hope), 0431-82972000
Liaoning province Shenyang City Guangyi District shop Shen Guangyi Street No. 50 (Taiqinggong Tesco North 100 meters away) 024-88507111
Hui Hui Plaza, Heping District, Zhonghua Road, No. 18, Hui Hui shopping center, 5 floor, 024-31878722
Miyoshi Street Heping District No. 4 Shing Wencui Road Digital Plaza, No. 1001 024-83912868 5
Wanda Plaza, Heping District, 2 South Street, Taiyuan, Wanda Plaza, 4 floor, 024-23580866
The Yangtze River in Shenyang city Huangguqu Street northbound Shop No. 60, 2 Suning Appliance 4 layer 024-86083177
No. 31, Yanan Road, Zhongshan District, Yanan Road, Dalian, China (0411-82643333 opposite to Minsheng Bank)
Roosevelt Tianxing International Center, No. 139 Xi'an Road, Roosevelt store in Shahekou area 4 0411-83899233
AXA Shopping Plaza No. 189 Gold Road Development Zone Ansheng branch 3 layer 0411-87538799
Jinzhou Ansheng Shopping Plaza No. 677 Stalin road Jinzhou Jinzhou District 5 building 0411-39311775 shop
Heishijiao Shahekou District Heishijiao branch Chenxi Plaza Shopping Center 3 layer 0411-39723228
Acer Dandong Jinshan Street District Jinshan Street 53 No. 3 Baoshan woman street 2 layer 0415-2829099
B, block 1 and 2, block 4, Great Court Street, Qiaodong District, Qiaodong District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, China, 0311-86036186
White Yuhua district sports shop No. 326 South Street (and Huai An Road intersection southbound 300 meters west of 0311-85806199)
No. 559 Dongfeng Middle Road, Dongfeng District, Dongfeng Road, Baoding (opposite Beijing Hualian) 0312-5970999
Qin East Street Qinhuangdao City City Street shop Harbour District No. 141 (Qin East Street and culture Road intersection) 0335-3639699
Hohhot Baer Road, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Hui District, Baer Road, No. 28 (opposite Baer Road Primary School), 0471-6694799
No. 72, WAL-MART Road, 3 Road, Qingshan District, Qingshan District, Baotou
The oriental pearl shop Queensland District Street No. 26 steel Oriental Pearl Plaza D block 2 layer 0472-2166009
Ji'nan City, Shandong province people's shop in central city, four road, Yongqing Street No. 2 0531-86041888
Huayuan Road Licheng District Huayuan Road Qunkang Shop No. 200 Building 2 layer 0531-86041999
Qingdao City, Ningxia Road, No. 139 Ningxia Road (Nanjing Road near the farmers market) 0532-85800636
Peak mountain road, Licang District, Feng Shan Road, No. 86, 1 Avenue, 0532-87626699
Huamao shop Liu Quan road Zibo City No. 96 Huamao international 4 0533-2158668
Sichuan province Chengdu city road two Wuhou District Shuangnan Road West Section of No. 90 028-85262728
Jinniu District Jiamao store two north section of No. 10 Building No. 01/02 028-87646166 L4 c.c.s. Center
0816-6358256, 5, new world department store, 72 East Road, shop road, Mianyang, Mianyang
Xin Yang Plaza, Chongqing, Shapingba District, Sha 8 street, Xin Yang Plaza, 2 floor, 023-86661088
Wanda Plaza Shop, South Bank district, 8 South Avenue, Wanda Plaza, D building, 3 floor, 023-62622510
Guogou Plaza No. 199 Changjiang Road in Anhui city of Hefei province Shushan Guogou shop area 3 0551-65229108
New store, new station area, Fengyang road Hengfeng building, 1 floor, 0551-64231248
Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, the tiger from North Road, Gulou District Road No. 55 (Dingshan Hotel intersection 50 meters South West) 025-58829708
Confucius Temple health shop Qinhuai District Road 106 3 floor 025-52315901
Wuxi City, Jiangsu province Wuxi City Poly Plaza Chong'an District Poly Plaza negative building 0510-82305155
Shaanxi province Xi'an City West Yanta District Hamlet Hamlet shop

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