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Hans - Heilongjiang radio - Alliance of small and medium-sized enterprises in Longjiang Joint Conference


Hans - Radio Heilongjiang
- Longjiang SME alliance joint meeting cut at 16:00 pm on October 10, 2015
Radio Heilongjiang famous host Mr. Guoliang Longjiang SME alliance rate hundreds of entrepreneurs, held a joint meeting of the enterprise "monthly consumption of the Hans in Harbin Guozhan bbq".
The meeting was held in a warm and cheerful atmosphere, and all the entrepreneurs made a heated discussion about the current social hot issues and the current market situation.
After the meeting the leaders enjoy the delicacy of the Kinhans Kinhans classic, candied plum meat, such as baked goods, Kinhans and South Roast Lamb Leg praise.
At the same time, Hans Eyre brewed wheat beer, barley beer has also been Pilsen leaders alike have praised the mellow and refreshing entrance.
Invited the famous Heilongjiang teapot master to show exquisite works for everyone, and the final meeting in a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere in a satisfactory conclusion.

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